There are some pimples featured on that, tbh, look like they could easily be popped at home (it’s definitely not recommended, of course, but you know you’ve still done it). But her latest pimple is not in that category.

In her newest Instagram video, dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, focuses her squeezing efforts on what looks like a little black dot in a swollen circle of flesh in a super inopportune place: behind her

But, as dedicated know, the talented derm can pop a pimple anywhere on the body—even one that takes some maneuvering to get to.

“Check behind your ears, #popaholics!” captioned the video. “You might find more than just a quarter!” The video opens right up with Dr. Pimple Popper pushing on either side of the patients ear pimple with her fingers. It’s not easy at first (Dr. Pimple Popper even starts to shake from pressing so hard), but eventually a shockingly hefty collection of white gunk peaks out of the opening.