Let’s be real, sometimes running on the treadmill can get real bor-ing. But the best thing about taking your miles to the tread is that you have plenty—and I mean endless—ways to switch it up.

Vary the speed and incline, go for an active recovery run, or crank out a quick and effective HIIT treadmill workout. To challenge your body, try one of these 12 treadmill workouts from top trainers on your next gym day. And who knows, you may even learn to (dare I say it?) love this cardio machine.

1. Your Power Workout

This workout is all about 60-second sprints. To figure out a solid speed, consider your steady state pace—the pace you can maintain for about 25 to 30 minutes—says Ellen Latham, ACE-certified personal trainer, creator and co-founder of Orangetheory Fitness. Then go 2mph faster than that speed. “The goal is to try to match or slightly increase the speed from the previous effort,” she says. “The purpose of this style of interval training is to increase your muscles’ ability to produce power on the treadmill.” You’ll also improve your turn-over rate and anaerobic endurance.

Time: 16 to 20 minutes

  • 5 minutes: Warm-up (walk or jog)
  • 1 minute: Steady state pace
  • 1 minute: Sprint
  • Repeat the minute intervals 6 to 10 times, alternating steady state pace and sprint
  • 5 minutes: Cool down (walk or jog)

2. The Treadmill Strength Workout

Keep your treadmill at a 1-percent incline whenever you reach your steady state pace—this is your recovery period. You’ll increase the hill height from there to turn up the burn on your backside and your hamstrings. “By increasing the incline, you will increase the effort it takes to maintain your speed at that incline,” says Latham, the curator of this workout.

Time: Starting at 15 minutes

  • 5 minutes: Warm-up (walk or jog)
  • 1 minute: Steady state pace at 1 percent
  • 1 minute: Maintain pace at 2 percent
  • 1 minute: Maintain pace at 1 percent
  • 1 minute: Maintain pace at 3 percent
  • Continue alternating 1 minute at 1 percent, then 1 minute at a higher incline, increasing by 1 percent every time, until you have reached the highest incline on the treadmill (or as high as you can go). Maintain steady state pace throughout.
  • 5 minutes: Cool down (walk or jog)